A Message About the Coronavirus

Dear Gluten-Free Community,

In this second year of the pandemic, Mariposa carries on.   We remain open for takeout, for limited outdoor dining in Oakland and we continue to ship a selection of our baked goods.

In addition to the protocols we are following for keeping our food safe, we continue to implement these precautions in our bakery:

Vaccination Mandate - In February this year, food employees in California became eligible for the COVID vaccine.  We asked all employees to get their first dose of the vaccine by March 15.  All but 2 employees signed up for the vaccine.  The two employees who were hesitant chose to leave their positions.  Everyone else became vaccinated by early April.   

Stay Home If Sick - Employees are reminded each and every week to stay home if sick.  Leads and Managers ensure our team is 100% healthy, sending employees home who are not feeling well.  

Sanitation - Sanitation is of the upmost importance.  It always is in the food industry, but sanitize surfaces more frequently, including bathrooms, break tables, outdoor tables the POS system, railings and door handles.  

Face Masks - Everyone at Mariposa continues to wear a face mask indoors at Mariposa.      

Fan Installation - We have installed more fans for air flow in our bakery.  Our ceilings are 18' tall and with enough air flow, we hope we can keep our air safe.

We are here for you ... thank you for being here for us.  Wishing you the best of health during this ongoing pandemic.

- Patti & Mariposa