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Happy Day Gift Set

Happy Day Gift Set





Send a special surprise with this gift set!

It's the perfect bright and happy gift of goodies for anyone who is near to your heart but far away. This set includes a 4pk of our Butter Croissant, one pack of our Seasonal 'Butter' Cookies and one California Lemon Cake.


Individual product ingredients, allergens and handling can be viewed here:
Seasonal 'Butter' Cookies  (shapes may vary with season) 
California Lemon Cake
Butter Croissant - 4pk

Contains eggs and dairy. 
Our artisan bakery also creates products with nut, soy and sesame.

Storage and Handling
Cookies - store at room temperature until expiration date on package.
Cake and Croissants - store 3-4 days at room temperature, or refrigerate for up to 1 month, or 3 freeze up to months.

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